The Interfaith Service Council 


Group from Southside Church of Nazarene in Chesterfield, VA building a ramp for Interfaith.  This was the 22nd year they have been in Kilmarnock assisting Interfaith.   THANK YOU!!


 Lancaster/Northumberland Interfaith Service Council

Council  Meeting of  April 10, 2018


                           Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Edna Mason, President.

Attendance:  Edna Mason, Larry Kight, Christy Smith, Junell Haskins, Bonita James, John Hedlund, Ralph Millar, Louis Lee, Susan and Gene McKeown, Tom Coye and Irene Russo.


1.  Invocation and Welcome  

Tom Coye said the opening prayer.  Edna welcomed all present.

Edna Mason read a letter from the Executors of the Estate of Darla C. Ellis. The Executors know Yvonne Williams and Darla Ellis was very interested in helping people in need.  So in memory of Darla C. Ellis, $20,000 was donated to Interfaith.

Edna also read a thank you letter from Stock Bates.  His wife Jan Bates was very active in many organizations and he appreciated the kindness shown when she passed away.


3. Minutes 

The Minutes of the January Service Council meeting were emailed to all members.     Tom Coye requested an addition to the Minutes regarding the money being held at Lamberths from Campbell Church.  At the January meeting he said it should be shown as an asset.  Christy advised that it is shown on the current Treasurer’s Report as an asset and will be shown that way going forward.  Larry Kight made a motion to accept the Minutes as amended, Christy Smith seconded, all in favor. 


4.  Treasurer’s Report

Christy Smith passed out Treasurer’s report. As of 04/10/2018 checking balance is $71,174.91 and Vanguard is $77,443.31.    Account 2 Lamberths shows the credit of $1632.06 that we have left from the donation from Campbell Church for wheel chair ramps.  During March 6 people were helped – 3 Electric Lancaster, 3 Electric Northumberland, 1 Medical Northumberland and 1 Stop Foreclosure with counseling.  Christy Smith and Tom Coye both talked about the continuing problem of lack of affordable housing and rental property in our area.


Southside Church of the Nazarene completed ramp.   Fantastic job as usual!


4.  Report of Committees

Home Delivered Meals – Kathy Broderick is in charge of the Home Delivered Meals in lower Lancaster County.  Her husband passed away on Sunday.

Warehouse – Bonnie James reported since the first of the year over 129 clients have been served. They have received 73 appliances, 285 furniture and mattress items, 413 kitchen items and 253 linens.  Warehouse has been receiving a lot of donations.

Concerned Citizens - In March 3 people were helped – 1 wheel chair ramp in Northumberland and 2 repairs – 1 plumbing and l move fuel oil.

April Fundraiser – Gene and Susan McKeown wrote a letter about their experience with Interfaith to be included with the mailing.  We will be stuffing envelopes at St. Andrew’s at 4pm on Monday, April 16. 

Old Business

Larry Kight said he checked the well top at the warehouse and it is okay.  The phone is okay – just had to be plugged in.  Has someone on standby to plow at the warehouse if necessary. 


New Business


Interfaith will be helping with the Kiwanis BBQ on Thursday, May 24.  Larry had posters for members to take and post and a signup sheet was passed around for volunteers – help needed for morning and afternoon shifts.  Interfaith will share in the profits from the BBQ.


The board has decided to increase the maximum amount to help people for emergency assistance. The new amount will be $300.


We will be moving $40,000 from the checking account to the endowment fund.  Paul Sciacchitano at Wells Fargo has been providing us with advice and we are going to take his 4 recommendations for investing.  Goal is to earn enough to cover annual administrative expenses which total approximately $7,000 to $8,000.  The largest expense is insurance for the warehouse.


Larry Kight advised that on Saturday, April 28 at 10am the Town of Kilmarnock will dedicate the Children’s Playground on Waverly Avenue to Joe Curry.


May 5th is a Community event in Callao and Junell Haskins will be representing Interfaith.

May 5th Grace Church Yard Sale – volunteers needed at the end to glean items for the warehouse. Signup sheet was passed around.


Larry Kight made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Christy Smith seconded.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.  The next meeting will be July 10, 2018.


Submitted by Irene Russo, Secretary






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