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 Lancaster/Northumberland Interfaith Service Council

Council Meeting of January 9, 2018


                           Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Edna Mason, President.

Attendance:  Edna Mason, Larry Kight, Christy Smith, Junell Haskins, Fred Burke,  John Hedlund, Ralph Millar, Louis Lee, Susan and Gene McKeown, John Haskins, Joan Bowles, Tony Stanley, Tom Coye and Irene Russo.


1.  Invocation and Welcome  

Prayer by Edna Mason.  Edna welcomed all present.


2.  President’s Annual Report

Edna advised that we lost 2 volunteers during the past year – Dabney Riley and Joe Curry.

Edna read the Annual Report.  A copy of the Annual Report is attached.

The $40,000 check from the Parks Trust has been received.


3. Minutes 

The minutes of the October service council meeting were emailed to all members.    There were no changes or additions so Larry Kight made a motion to accept the minutes and Gene McKeown seconded.  All in favor.


4.  Treasurer’s Report

Christy Smith passed out Treasurer’s report. As of 12/31/2017 checking balance is $55,985.42 and Vanguard is $77,443.31.   Other assets for Buildings, Equipment and Office total $49,405.89.  Total assets as of 12-31-2017 $182,834.62.

During December, 4 individuals/families from Lancaster/Northumberland were helped for a total of $730.60.

A banking summary for 1/1/2017 through 12/31/2017 showed total income $129,626.84, total expenses $96,247.40 with a balance remaining of $33,379.44.

Christy advised requests for assistance has been down but the churches PIN money is gone so she expects to see an increase.  Northern Neck Electric has a pay as you go system which has cut down on requests.  Dominion Electric covers a wider area and does not have pay as you go.

The Concerned Citizens Committee will be streamlining procedures.


5.  Report of Committees


A copy of the Annual Report for the Warehouse is attached.


Total amount earned from January 1-December 32, 2017 was $5,262.25.

Concerned Citizens

A copy of the Annual Report for Concerned Citizens is attached.

A couple thousand hours of work were performed by individuals working on behalf of Concerned Citizens. 

The Lee House is completed.  The final cost was $13,885.03.  The budget was $10,500.

Tom Coye commented on the $5,000 grant from the Campbell Memorial Presbyterian Church for ramp materials.  The funds are deposited into a special account at Lamberth’s and we draw on it when materials are purchased for ramps.  Tom wondered why Campbell does it this way rather than give the money to Interfaith.  Christy advised that Campbell has always done it this way and once the account is at zero, then we are billed for ramp materials.


Old Business

Larry mentioned that the BBQ went very well and the help from Interfaith was appreciated.  Interfaith received $1000.  Kiwanis is considering doing 2 BBQs per year – 1 in the Spring and 1 in the Fall. 


New Business

Spring and Fall Fundraisers

There was a discussion and it was decided that we would do 2 a year.  One in April and one in October.  With the tax laws changing, we need to remind our donors that most of the money collected goes to help those in need in Lancaster and Northumberland Counties.  A small percentage is used for operating expenses.  Also, it would be good to get email addresses so we could contact people by email thereby saving postage.


The warehouse was closed a couple of days due to snow.  Need to notify public when warehouse is closed – the radio is a good way to get the message out.  We cannot go by when schools close because schools close when warehouse is safe to open.  Larry is looking to have someone on standby to plow the driveway and parking area at the warehouse if necessary.

Tony Stanley advised the well top at the warehouse has shifted off and looks nasty.  Does not know if the water has ever been tested.  Larry said he would stop by to take a look at it.  Might need to be shocked.  Tony also advised the phone was not working at the warehouse.


Larry Kight made a motion to adjourn the meeting, John Hedlund seconded.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.  The next meeting will be April 10, 2018.


Submitted by Irene Russo, Secretary




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