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Meet the 2021 Board of Directors    President Larry Kight in chair on the left of the picture

       Lancaster/Northumberland Interfaith Service Council

Council Meeting of January 14, 2020


                           Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Edna Mason, President.

Attendance:  Edna Mason, Larry Kight, Susan McKeown, Christy Smith, Louis Lee, David Lacy, John Hedlund, Fred Burke, Gene McKeown, Melanie Veney-Queen Ester Baptist, Ebony Cox-Willie Chapel Baptist, Brian McClain-White Stone UMC, Kathy Broderick-St Francis deSales,, Joan Bowles-Claybrook Baptist, Janet Tayloe-White Stone Baptist, Harry M. Tayloe-White Stone Baptist, Susan Moseley-UUFR White Stone and Irene Russo.


1.  Invocation and Welcome  

Irene Russo said the opening prayer.   Edna welcomed all present and thanked everyone for coming.  


2.  President’s Report - Edna read the President’s Annual Report for 2019. 


3. Minutes 

The Minutes of the October Service Council meeting were emailed to all members.  Larry Kight made a motion to accept the Minutes, Louis Lee seconded, all in favor. 


4.  Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was passed out.   As of 12/31/2019 the checking account balance was $75,979.77 Vanguard $94,126.39, Wells Fargo $41,903.85.   Since the October Council Meeting, we have helped the following individuals/families:

        October – 6 Families/Individuals – Lancaster County-5   4 Electric, 1 Rent

        Northumberland County- 1    1 Electric

November - 8 Families/Individuals - Lancaster County- 3   3 Electric

Northumberland County-5   5 Electric

December19 Families/Individuals – Lancaster County-10   6 Electric, 3 Rent, 1 Other

Northumberland County-9    5 Electric, 1 Food Box, 1 Rent, 2 Fuel

Louis Lee made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Larry Kight seconded, all in favor.


5.  Report of Committees

Warehouse -                    4th Quarter                     Report for 2019  

Appliances                                 126                          539                                  

Furniture                                    335                        1424                                

Linens                                         389                        1427                               

Kitchen                                       468                        2223                               

Total                                       1318                          5613


Total Clients                             106                            335



Concerned Citizens - David Lacy reported that he has 2 additional part time carpenters.  We need more jobs.


Meals on Wheels - Kathy Broderick advised she has been coordinating the Meals on Wheels Program in Lower Lancaster County for over 30 years.  Cynthia Taylor at Tartan Village prepares the meals.  She is currently preparing all the meals herself.  There were 8,127 meals delivered in Lower Lancaster County in 2019.  In Upper Lancaster the meals are delivered one day a week.


Publicity – Susan McKeown advised working on getting more Publicity for Interfaith in the newspaper.


Old Business - none


New Business

At the Board Meeting a motion was passed to purchase mattresses, box springs, and refrigerators for the warehouse to distribute.


2020 Budget

   Projected Income                                             Expenses

Churches                          $20,000.                      Concerned Citizens                 $40,000.

Clubs & Civic Org.                  3,000.                   Emergency Assistance                          25,000.

Business Donations                  700.                     Insurance (Warehouse)              2,200.

Foundations & Grants         17,500.                     Bills & Utilities                                        2,500.

Individual Donations           25,000.                     Administrative                                        1,000.

Sale of Donated Items          7,500.                     Warehouse                                  2,000.

                                                                             Fundraising                                 1,000.

                                          $73,700.                                                                     $73,700.


Introduction of the 2020 Board

President                                                  Edna Mason

First Vice President                                   Larry Kight

Second Vice President                             Susan McKeown

Treasurer                                                 Christy Smith

Secretary                                                 Irene Russo

Lancaster County Reps.                           Fred Burke, Louis Lee

Northumberland County Reps.                John Hedlund, David Lacy



Janet Tayloe, White Stone Baptist, said one day a month White Stone Baptist prepares a hot meal and delivers it to all those on their list who receive Meals on Wheels.


Kathy Broderick said she is on the Board at the Y. New pool is in operation and some of the programs-2nd grade swim, water aerobics, guardian program.


Ebony Cox asked who prepares the Boxes – Christy and Tracy from the Link do the shopping.


There being no further business to discuss, Larry Kight made a motion to adjourn the meeting, John Hedlund seconded.  All in favor. Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm. 


Submitted by Irene Russo, Secretary







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