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Interfaith Service Council Meeting 

Council Meeting occur on the second Tuesday of January, April, and October at 7pm at St Andrews Presbyterian Church. 

Edna Mason









The Interfaith Service Council 

Larry builds another ramp

Lancaster/Northumberland Interfaith Service Council

Council  Meeting of  October 10, 2017


                           Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Edna Mason, President.                   

Attendance:  Edna Mason, Larry Kight,  Christy Smith, Bonnie James  , Fred Burke,  John Hedlund, Sandy Hedlund,  Fran Kelly, Nancy Garvey, Dave Dustin, Ralph Millar, Louis Lee, Nancy Johannes and Irene Russo.


1.  Invocation and Welcome  

Prayer by Edna Mason.  Edna welcomed all present and asked everyone to introduce themselves. 

Larry Kight introduced guest Louis Lee of Bay Aging Housing Dept. and Chair of Zoning Board.


2.  President’s Remarks

 The Church of the Nazarene was here and did 1 roof and painted a home.  John Keane noted that Joe Curry’s name would be included on a roof or paint job that they do.    


3. Minutes 

The minutes of the July service council meeting were emailed to all members.    There were no changes or additions so Larry Kight made a motion to accept the minutes and Sandra Hedlund seconded.  All in favor.


Report of Committees



Bonnie James reported warehouse has some brand new washers and window air conditioners. 

We receive a couple hundred dollars a month from Mosaics for consignments.


Concerned Citizens

Larry Kight advised that 3 ramps and a roof repair were done. 


Nominating Committee

Larry Kight reported that only 2 positions need filling – nominees are

Lancaster County                    Louis Lee

Northumberland County       John Hedlund


Meals on Wheels

Kathy Broderick of Lower Lancaster County advised she was upset with Meals on Wheels because they want to deliver only once a week – all frozen meals.  Kathy advised Lower Lancaster will continue with the regular program – not once a week all frozen.  Cynthia prepares the meals for Lancaster. 


Old Business




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