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Group from Southside Church of Nazarene in Chesterfield, VA building a ramp for Interfaith.  This was the 22nd year they have been in Kilmarnock assisting Interfaith.   THANK YOU!! 



Lancaster& Northumberland Interfaith Service Council, Inc. 2018    
Annual Report

Finances:  Financially we remain in a very sound position as we transition into the winter of 2019. We ended 2018 with $55, 508.25 in the bank.   Thanks to the $40,000 Parks Trust in late 2017 and a $20,000 bequest from the Estate of Darla Ellis in 2018, we were able to add $40,00o to our Endowment Fund for the future. Earnings will be available for use as needed. The remaining $20,000 was kept in the Treasury for current needs. In addition Grants were received from the River Counties Community Foundation,Walter F. and Dorothy G. Covington Foundation,  Kilmarnock Irvington White Stone Rotary, Northern Neck Rotary, Kiwanis Club of the Northern Neck, Grace Episcopal Church, Mason and Lula Cole Trust for a total of $27,089. Individuals and churches have been strong supporters this year and we would be remiss if we did not mention Burke's Jewelers for including Interfaith in their Battery replacement program.  Dolphin Book-keeping performed a Financial Review and stated that our books were in order.

The Warehouse has been very busy. 404 families were served and over 5,304 donated items were distributed. Volunteers responded to 214 requests for pickup of donations.  The volunteers endured extreme heat, freezing temperatures and several weeks without water when our well was not in service. They faithfully continued to serve





 and logged 2,730 hours over the course of the year . We are grateful to the community for their generous in-kind donations for without their support the Warehouse would have to close. In addition, we aremost grateful to Booth's Furniture, Noblett1s Appliances , The Rappahannock Record, and 101.7 for their support . Jane Woodle of Mosaic Consignments truly goes above and beyond in her long standing support of our organization. She will take items, clean them, repair when needed, often repaints or recovers and then sells them in her shop. recently saw one item with a note attached that said "under construction" . Interfaith receives the majority of the proceeds to put back in our Treasury to in turn assist those in need.                

Emergency Assistance: 122 families received emergency assistance which is a 33 % increase over 2017. These requests ranged from food, electric, rent, medical (to include doctor bills, medication, help with glasses, and dental treatment), car repair and water.  Our maximum grant was raised from $200 to $300 once a year.  69 % of those helped were from Lancaster and 31% from Northumberland. Total assistance was $22,950.33.




The Concerned Citizens Committee: David Lacy who worked with Joe Curry for 23 years recently accepted the chairmanship of this committee. Others serving with him are Larry Kight, John Hedlund, Louis Lee, Jim Holland and Christy Smith. The Board is most grateful to Christy Smith for overseeing the Committee until David assumed leadership. In June the Southside Church of the Nazarene returned for the 23rd year. The team of adults and middle schoolers replaced 1roof, repaired 1, built 2 ramps, painted one house and did cleanup and mulching at another home. They returned in October, and replaced 3 more roofs. These 3 homeowners felt very blessed as the very next week the remains of hurricane Michael brought heavy rainfall. They no longer needed to worry about leaking roofs. Over the course of 2018, a total of 9 ramps were constructed, 1 handrail installed, 7 roofs replaced, 1roof repaired,  heating oil was moved for a



 client, several wells were repaired, 1plumbing issue was addressed and 3 repairs provided. In addition to Southside Church, work has been done by volunteers from Christian Men United, Northern Neck Christian Youth, and men from Fairfields Baptist Church. A total of 31 families received help in 2018 at total cost of $32,231.11

Other activities included a second fundraising event. Two volunteers wrote a letter sharing their testimony of why they joined Interfaith and why they are supporters of our mission. Ads including their letter were placed in 2 local newspapers and letters were sent to those in our data base. We participated in a Community Fun Day sponsored by the Northumberland Department of Social Services.

NN Kiwanis invited Interfaith to assist with their spring BBQ Event. Interfaith members volunteered at both lunch and dinner. For our efforts, they shared $1,000 from the proceeds. We also were able to facilitate the transfer of a donated car to a young mother of three who had lost a previous job due to unreliable transportation. Hopefully that will not happen in the future .or the last 10 years Sue Ellen Lee has faithfully checked the Interfaith voice-mail each day and then followed up with each caller. She has either answered their questions, referred them to other agencies when necessary or called the Interfaith person in charge of the request. The most frequent calls are probably regarding pickups. Sadly, due to health issues she has found it necessary to step aside. She even found her own replacement. Susan McKeown will now take over this position. Thank you Sue Ellen for all the hours you have devoted to our organization.  Thank you Susan for saying yes.

As we begin a new year, there are several changes on the Board of Directors. Junell Haskins the Second Vice­ President and Cliff Voss a Northumberland Representative have completed their terms and are leaving the Board.  We thank them both for their efforts on behalf of the Council.  Remaining in their current positions are Larry Kight as Vice President, Irene Russo as Secretary, Christy Smith as Treasurer, Fred Burke, Jr. and Louis Lee Lancaster Representatives,  and John Hedlund as a Northumberland representative. Beginning a new two year term are Edna Mason President, Susan McKeown Second Vice President, and David Lacy as a Northumberland Representative. We ask for your prayers throughout the year as we try to lead Interfaith in service to those with unmet needs.



The Council is deeply grateful for the support of the community because we could not fulfill our mission without your support. Thank you!



Edna Mason, President




















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