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Interfaith Annual Report January –December 2017



Interfaith was truly blessed financially in 2017 but also was saddened by the death of several faithful, longtime volunteers.  Dabney Riley who served at the Warehouse and Joe Curry, who helped to  found and then continued to lead the Concerned Citizens Committee for well over 30 years.  Total memorial gifts for Dabney, Joe, and Joe’s wife Rosa Lee Curry were $8,240.15.  Early in 2017, the Board was informed that Interfaith was a recipient of the Ann Ross Parks Trust with a cash distribution of $40,000.  These funds were received in December of 2017.


In celebration of its 35th Anniversary and with the hope of increasing individual supporters, the Board of Directors held a fund raiser in April.  While the $35,000 goal was not reached, over $8200 was given and additional donors were identified.  We are most grateful to those who donated.


Concerned Citizens assisted 73 families with various repairs.  10.5 roofs have been replaced, 4 homes painted, pumps for 6 artesian wells and 7 shallow wells, 15 plumbing repairs, 6 hot water heaters, 21 wheelchair ramps, 2 roof repairs/coated, and 1 electrical repair.  The Southside Church of the Nazarene group from Chesterfield was here in June for a week and again in October for 2 days. A total of 9 families were blessed by their efforts.  Campbell Presbyterian Church provided a $5,000 grant for ramp materials.  In addition, a total of $7,000 in grants was received from Grace Episcopal, Kilmarnock Irvington White Stone Rotary, and River Counties Community Foundation for materials for wheelchair ramps and home repairs.  With Joe Curry’s leading, Interfaith formed a partnership with Habitat for Humanity to renovate a home badly damaged by fire late in 2016.  Joe promised to raise the funds through Interfaith and Habitat provided the labor.  In addition to Interfaith the following churches provided funding: Irvington Baptist, Kilmarnock Baptist, Kilmarnock United Methodist, Campbell Memorial Presbyterian church, Willie Chapel Baptist, Wicomico Parish Episcopal, and Kilmarnock United Methodist Men. The following individuals also contributed: William Fleischmann, Vicki Kinsel, C. W. Hines, J. C. Dameron, Martha N. Gilbert, Dr. James Norris, Carl Smith, and the Lee family. In addition in-kind donations came from One Stop Electrical and Plumbing, Connemara, Dee David, and Mr. & Mrs. Scott Kish .  While no one person can replace Mr. Curry, the Board is forming a committee to continue this important and needed work.  81.75 % of all funds disbursed cover this program.  In 2017 the total was $78,677.65 which does not include the grant from Campbell.


The Warehouse continues to be an important program.  Yvonne Williams, who faithfully served as the manager for nine years, resigned several months ago.   Bonnie James one of the volunteers agreed to assume the manager’s position until we “found someone else.”  She is doing a terrific job.  The Warehouse has served about 480 individuals/ families in 2017. Thanks to the overwhelming support of the community, 5,930 items have been distributed.  This included 2,226 miscellaneous kitchen items, 1,449 articles of furniture, 405 appliances, and 1850 pieces of linens. The Warehouse volunteers and the pickup crews have logged 2,638.5 hours over the course of the year. New volunteers have joined and are very much appreciated especially the additional pickup volunteers.

Interfaith would like to especially recognize Jane Woodle of Mosaic Consignments in Callao.  She has been a very faithful supporter of Interfaith for a number of years.  She not only drives from Callao to the Warehouse in  Kilmarnock to select items, but she also spends much time cleaning and repairing sale items before they go in her shop. In 2017, proceeds have averaged over $400 a month and the funds are put in the Interfaith treasury to help with other needs.  Thanks also go out to Booth Furniture and Noblett Appliances in Kilmarnock for in-kind donations of furniture and appliances throughout the year, Grace Episcopal for donating furniture that is left at the end of their Annual Yard Sale, and the Record for promoting our Annual Blanket Drive. We are also grateful to Burke’s Jewelers for including Interfaith in their Watch Battery Program each month.


Emergency Financial Assistance is down –The total disbursed in 2017 was $12,731.75 which represents 13.23% of all disbursements. 62 families were assisted with rent, electric, medical, gas, food, water, emergency housing (hotel), and other items as needed. As in past years there were more from Lancaster (54.8%) than Northumberland (45.2%).


Board of Directors:  Edna Mason, President; Larry Kight , 1st Vice President; Junell Haskins 2nd Vice President; Christina Smith, Treasurer; Irene Russo, Secretary; Fred Burke, Jr. Lancaster Representative; and Cliff Voss as a Northumberland Representative will continue in their current positions.  We welcome W. Louis Lee and John Hedlund as Lancaster and Northumberland Representatives. We express our appreciation to Nancy Garvey and Lisa Waller for serving as county Representatives for the past two years.


Voice of Interfaith:  One final person we need to thank is Sue Ellen Lee. She has been monitoring the Interfaith phone for quite a while.  She returns messages and then directs the callers to the correct person.  She gets the hang ups, wrong numbers, and even angry callers and is always gracious.  She provides a valuable and very much needed service for our organization.


Financials: Total budget receipts this year were $129,626.84 thanks to the Parks Trust.  Disbursements were $96,247.40.  Of that, 81.75 % was for CCC, 13.23% was Emergency Assistance, 4.44% was administrative expenses, and .58% was for Warehouse needs.  Interfaith is well positioned as we welcome 2018.


If you would like more information or want a place to volunteer , please call 804-512-8969.  Volunteers are always welcome.





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