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Group from Southside Church of Nazarene in Chesterfield, VA building a ramp for Interfaith.  This was the 22nd year they have been in Kilmarnock assisting Interfaith.   THANK YOU!!



 Lancaster/Northumberland Interfaith Service Council

Council  Meeting of October 9, 2018


                           Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Edna Mason, President.

Attendance:  Edna Mason, Larry Kight, Christy Smith, John Hedlund, Louis Lee, Cliff Voss, David Lacy, Sandy Hedlund, Susan Moseley, Gene McKeown, Ralph Millar, Joan Bowles, Harry Taylor, Janet Taylor and Irene Russo.


1.  Invocation and Welcome  

Edna said the opening prayer and welcomed all present.  Everyone introduced themselves.  Edna thanked everyone for coming.  Market Days at Wicomico Parish were October 6 and Interfaith went at the end of the day to pick up things for the warehouse.


2. Minutes 

The Minutes of the July Service Council meeting were emailed to all members.      Larry Kight made a motion to accept the Minutes, Louis Lee seconded, all in favor. 


3.  Treasurer’s Report

Christy Smith passed out Treasurer’s report.   We are holding our own financially.  Mid November to the end of the year is when we receive some funds from Grants/Foundations.  As of 9-30-2018 the checking account balance was $38,778.44, Vanguard $84,450.53, Wells Fargo $40,010.96  and Grant from Campbell $14.52. Since we now have the Wells Fargo account, we can accept gifts of stock.

 Since the July Council Meeting, we have helped the following individuals/families:

July –6 Families – Lancaster County 1 Electric, 3 Rent. Northumberland County 1 electric, 1 Medical.

August- 7 Families - Lancaster County 2 Electric, 1 Food Box. Northumberland County 3 Electric, 1 Food Box.

September  – 7 Families – Lancaster County 3 Electric, 1 Rent, 1 Food Box.  Northumberland County 2 Rent.

Interest from our various funds  will hopefully earn enough to pay for Interfaith’s annual expenses to operate.

Larry Kight made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, John Hedlund seconded, all in favor.


4.  Report of Committees

Concerned Citizens  Southside Church came in October and did 3 Roofs – 2 in Lancaster and 1 in Northumberland. Jim Holland and his Christian Men United did 2 ramps.  Ron Witt with some men from Fairfields Baptist have done two repair jobs.

David Lacy has taken over as Chairman of CCC.  He can look at jobs quicker and expedite what needs to be done.  11 jobs were taken care of in the past 2 weeks.  Not every request is met. Financial need and physical need are checked.  Referrals come from Link, Social Services, Hospital, Churches, Bay Aging.

Christy is in favor of getting a crew of ladies together to do some repairs.

Home Delivered Meals – the meals continue to be prepared by Bay Aging and delivered by various churches and organizations in the county.  Kathy Broderick co-ordinates Lower Lancaster. A coordinator is still needed for Upper Lancaster.

Warehouse – Edna read the warehouse report for the period July 1 to September 30.  A copy is attached.


Old Business



New Business


Nominating Committee

Larry Kight read the names of the current board members whose terms expire on December 31, 2019:


First Vice President                                  Larry Kight

Treasurer                                                 Christy Smith

Secretary                                                 Irene Russo

Lancaster County Rep.                             Fred Burke

Lancaster County Rep.                             Louis Lee

Northumberland County Rep.                 John Hedlund


Larry Kight read the nominees for board positions for the term January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020 – after each name was read, Irene Russo read a bio for the nominee.


President                                                  Edna Mason

Second Vice President                             Susan McKeown

Northumberland County Rep.                 David Lacy


Irene Russo made a motion to accept the slate as presented.  Larry Kight seconded.  All in favor.  Motion passed and slate was accepted.


There being no further business to discuss, Larry Kight made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Christy Smith seconded.  All in favor. Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm. 


The next meeting will be January 8, 2019.  (Annual Meeting)



                                                             Warehouse Report


                                                             July 1 - September 30,2018



September 1a new screening form was introduced. Clients are now required to provide proof of income in addition to picture ID and proof of residence. We are .using 200% of the Poverty guideline as a point of reference.



At the September Board meeting the proposal of Elbourn Electric Services was approved to replace the lights at the Warehouse with LED lights.  Elbourn will donate the labor.



The Quarterly Warehouse report is:

165 Appliances of which 18 were large appliances like washers, dryers, stoves etc.

407  Pieces of furniture-sofas, beds, tables, dressers, etc.

546  Miscellaneous kitchen items-dishes, pots, pans glassware, etc.

395    Linens- sheets, blankets, comforter sets, towels,curtains,etc.



Total items distributed was 1,513            Total number of clients served during the quarter is 133.



The Fall blanket drive is now underway in preparation for the winter months. Blankets may be dropped off on Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 - 12 Noon or you may call 804-512-8969 for pickup. 





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